How can we roll down the winding path,

dead-ending where it isn’t supposed to be?

Opinions differ,

But in math,

one plus one is two,

otherwise, everything is a mess,

we must endure,

just to be reminded of what to undo:

unpack, unknit, unmask, and unmoor

errors or decisions from our past,

Don’t be too quick to say:

“Don’t take work here without asking.”

To many poets, your distrust to us is insulting..

I have to be honest enough to say:

“Nobody takes your work as her/his own,

representations with credits to authors

never do anything wrong,

For non-profit purposed blogging,

You yourself definitely enjoy using online images

without asking…”

we value other writers’ work,

No appologies,

Feel free to quote mine,

Let’s have peace,

and expertise

on this,

enjoy yourself and your friends,

No harm done with positive blends.


A Haiku:

Eyes speak without sound,

Actions speak a lot louder,

Embrace is the key.

26 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. I wrote you a long comment that somehow got lost in the erther, but it basically agreed with your sentiment that we are all too precious about our work. I guess some expect to be ‘discovered’ and they will be offered money.
    That is a dream I gave up on years ago and now offer even my life’s work free of charge. (resources for classroom use, ie lesson plans and plays that dramatically accelerate literacy).
    I also steal images, my rationale being that they would otherwise sit and sog as most posts do arfter the first flush of readers has passed through.
    Good thought provoking post.

    1. it is time consuming if we must ask for permission using online images, not possible to find their address, it could take a week to have a post up if we must do that…

      many stuff online are for free, as long as you don’t take it to earn money, and give credits to the authors, it is okay.

      in general, serious work will let audiences know that: this is copy righted, needs permission.

      Thanks for the positive take on my post, bless your day.

  2. Nonprofit is an organization, not a personal blogger. Maybe a more common word would to just say personal.

    I do believe lifting images is not something people should do without stating where the image comes from. Too many people think that because it is on the web it is fair to just take images or statements without giving credit.

    We should be teaching our students not to do that, or pretty soon, no one will want to share.

  3. I agree on not stealing people’s works and thoughts…but I disagree on not taking the time to give credit for images and pictures or quotes taken without credit. Even if we don’t know the original owner or have the email address, we must put a credit or source of our images and quotes.

    and i like the haiku on embrace ~

  4. My philosophy?
    If it’s not my image or one whose use is specifically permitted, I don’t use it. My work stands on its own merit. I don’t need to adorn or accessorize it with someone else’s work.

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