short story slam week 38, Joyce Lewis’s wonder

a teammate to Rich Norris,
Joyce Lewis has wonderful ideas about Mary Hargis
Featuring Daily O’colly crossword puzzles,
Los Angeles Times comes to spotlights
Black and White boxes look profound
the complete solutions are ruled by accurate choice
Left, right,
rectangle, square,
Edkimo Joe’s fat Tuesday on February 9th, 2016 is a $5 dollar affair
Black, Robert,
White, Sandy,
Glad to have Ann enjoy Burns Flat at Bedlam Norman night

university of arkansa annual summer music camp,

u of a 59 summer camp on orchestra
1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas
(479) 5752000

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59th Annual Summer Music Camps

SMC logo 2016

  • Jr. High Band Camp – July 10 – 15, 2016
  • Sr. High Band Camp – July 17 – 22, 2016
  • Jr./Sr. High Orchestra Camp – July 17 – 22, 2016

What makes this camp special?

Our mission is to improve the performance skills and broaden the knowledge of individual musicians through a comprehensive curriculum designed for the varying ability levels of the participants.

  • Watch what makes SMC a special place for music students: video link.
  • Specialists on every instrument
  • Nationally recognized artists, teachers, and conductors
  • Private lessons (additional cost)
  • Comprehensive program including band, orchestra, stage band, and smaller ensembles
  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Well-equipped, comfortable facilities
  • Six hours of instruction per day
  • Performance in at least one large ensemble during camp
  • Planned, supervised recreational activities are available during appropriate non-instructional times.
  • Counselors, artist-teachers, and conductors are hand-picked from across the nation based on their musical skills and rapport with young people.



Participants must have been enrolled in school band, orchestra or private instruction during the 2015-2016 school year and must be recommended by their music instructors (indicated by signature on application).

  • Jr. High campers are those completing grades 6-8 in spring 2016.
  • Sr. High campers are those completing grades 9-12 in spring 2016.
  • ALL string students will attend camp July 17 – 22, 2016.


Camp Director

W. Dale Warren, Professor of Music and Sr. Wind Band Conductor


Head Counselors

  • Mike Major, Band Director, McDonald Middle School, Garland, Texas
  • Laura Jean Otto, Balch Springs, Texas


Important Phone Numbers

  • Camp Office (available July 10 – 22 only): tba
  • Music Camp Registration: 479-575-2856
  • Maple Hill Dormitory: 479-718-2590
  • University Operator: 479-575-2000
  • Campus Police: 479-575-2222

Thanks to our Sponsors!

a reflection of beauty in washington by jim carter

i recall one winter night

going to the white house roof

to study the Orion nebulae,

but we could barely see the stars,

their images so paled by city lights


suddenly we heard a sound

primeval in its tone and rhythm

coming from the northern sky

we turned to watch in silence

long waving V’s,

breasts transformed to brilliance

by the lights we could have dimmed

the geese passed overhead

and then without a word

we went without a word

we went down to a peaceful sleep,

marveling at what we’d seen and heard

Francis Tuttle Technology Center (Mid West City, Del City,New Castle)

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Brian Mays

Sue Dick

Amy Loper

Terry Berryman

Mary Green

Merdith Blecha Wells

Scott Logan

Linda Clure-Mills

juan Cisneros

Darin Campbell

Phillip Montgomery

Phil Jackson

Kobe Bryant

Curt Sharp

Ryan Haas

Sabrina Swager

Serena Williams

Steve Jobs

Robin Li

Yanhong Li

Xuefeng Hu

Marissa Mayer

Zach Bogue

Jennifer Ferguson

Sarah Boyles

Sarah Chang

Yo Yo Ma

Peggy Yen

Junxian Tian

Nianyu Wang

jianying Xu

Baoxia Zhen

Yanzhen Wang

Dongkui zhang

mingfa Wang

Mingzhou Wang

Qiming Li

Bing Li

Xiaofeng Zhu

Li Zhang

Jiangsheng You

Baoquan Yuan

Peter Constantin

Jerry Bona

Kathleen Appleton

Amy Shen

Jie Shen

Bo Deng

Lizheng Tao

Dehua Wang

Danping Peng

Tao Peng

Rachel Peng

Liyuan Peng

Jinping Xi

Mingze Xi

Qi Qin

Bing Han

Yuhe Peng

Yuhan Zhao

Wei zhao




three word wednesday, short stroy slam week 35

3WW Week No. 458  Savage, Vengeful, Tense

savage, vengeful and hopeful,

tense emotion erupts, high and violent

love shoots water to calm the fire


paper can not stop fires

negative comments can not enable sweet entries

love brings wind, food, cloth, toys, and comfort


ignorance, effortless thoughts

weisdom, bridge to the merry woodland,

poetry, a way to show and tell



short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016

 Love Is Benefits From Favorite Partner

Six Word Fridays ~ Love